OnTrack International enjoys sustained growth by applying ISO 9001

For 15 years, training company OnTrack International has benefitted from holding the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard with Ellenbrooke’s support.

OnTrack International is a learning and development consultancy, with a team of 100 consultants providing management training services to businesses including HSBC, Toyota and Bose. 

For the last 15 years, Ellenbrooke has worked with OnTrack to achieve and maintain the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard. Businesses that achieve the standard usually demonstrate higher productivity, greater efficiency, reduced errors and waste and increased consistency in product or service delivery.

Why achieve ISO 9001?

“Our clients increasingly wanted us to achieve the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard in order to keep working with us,” explains Angela Andrews, Head of Client Success.

“At the time, I didn’t know what a Quality Management standard was, or where to start. Many may see the ISO standards as a bit bureaucratic, but our consultant Terry Connolly understood what we were trying to achieve and made it work for our business.”

Enjoying the business benefits of ISO 9001

Working with their consultant for the next 15 years, OnTrack International have enjoyed many advantages through maintaining the ISO 9001 Standard.

“We can pitch for business with larger organisations now, because they require the ISO 9001 standard as a minimum requirement,” explains Angela. “We’ve also used the standard to strengthen our relationships with existing clients, demonstrating that we can take care of their data and provide the best possible service in our area.

“In our twice-yearly meetings, I am able to share with Terry our business strategy, and he is able to guide us to ensure we are maintaining the ISO 9001 standard. That is why we incorporate ISO 9001 into every decision we make.”

Maintaining business continuity during the pandemic

Since the first COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020, it has been more important than ever for businesses like OnTrack International to innovate, maintain business continuity and provide customers with a strong service in spite of the situation.

“Since March 2020, our team has been based from home and we’ve been unable to meet in person,” explains Angela. “However, due to our use of technology – supported by an ISO-certified management system – we have been able to keep working and respond effectively to our clients’ needs.

“It would have been easy for us to not bother with the ISO 9001 standard when times changed, but our clients still expect a level of quality and consistency from us. We are still able to apply a consistent service to our clients regardless of delivery method, whether virtual, face-to-face or through eLearning.”

Enhancing processes with Cyber Essentials

OnTrack International further enhanced their service delivery online by achieving the Cyber Essentials standard with Ellenbrooke last year. Developed by the National Cyber Security Centre, Cyber Essentials is designed to help businesses protect themselves from common online threats such as data loss or cyber-attacks.

“We introduced Cyber Essentials last year because of how increasingly our learning solutions had to be delivered online,” says Angela. “We also wanted to reassure our clients of our commitment to protecting their data. They were very happy with our proactive approach during this time.”

Working with Ellenbrooke

Angela has enjoyed her business relationship with Terry Connolly at Ellenbrooke for the last 15 years.

“Ellenbrooke have been our partner in ensuring we provide the best experience to our clients. They have ensured our processes remain consistent but also are adaptable to the bespoke nature of our work. With Terry’s support, I quite enjoy showing ISO auditors our business and discussing improvements or anticipated changes with them.”