Highways Sector Schemes

What is it?

National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS) are quality management schemes for organisations working on the UK’s road network. They are based on the ISO 9001 framework but are modified specifically for highways maintenance activities.

There are over 20 individual schemes, but they are all classified within four main categories: 1) road surfacing and marking, 2) fencing, landscaping and vehicle safety restraints, 3) traffic management, 4) lighting, electronics.

We can support organisations to gain and maintain:

  1. National Highways Sector Scheme 8 – Installation and/or Maintenance of Electrical Equipment
  2. National Highways Sector Scheme 12 – Traffic Management
  3. National Highways Sector Scheme 17 – Vehicle Recovery

Planning for NHSS assessments will help you to identify areas of risk in your business and take appropriate action.

Highways Sector Schemes allow you to join the online Schedule of Suppliers, the only comprehensive national register of independently approved contractors and subcontractors.