Return to Workplace Programme

With businesses returning to the workplace, safety and productivity are the top issues businesses have asked for our help with.

The Return to Workplace Programme is a package of four services to help your staff return to a safe and productive workplace. We developed this programme by combining our 30 years’ experience of workplace and industry standards with learnings from our clients’ recent experiences during┬áthese uncertain times.

Legal Compliance Check

We can evaluate your business’ legal compliance and provide advice on any gaps or risks we may find. As your workplace manages the impact of the pandemic, it’s important to keep a handle on all areas of compliance.

Duration: 0.5 – 2 days*

Health & Safety Training

We can provide a programme of Health & Safety training that is tailored to your staff. We can also help you identify which COVID-19 measures your business might want to adopt. With such a significant focus on COVID-19, we want to help you make sure the rest of your Health and Safety processes are maintained and compliant to legal requirements.

Duration: Half day*

Management Essentials

We can help your managers and leaders adapt to working post-lockdown. Our high-impact, participative training and coaching services are aligned with Chartered Management Institute standards, and can cover subjects including performance management, communication and more.

Duration: 1- 4 days*

Business Process Successes

Did the pandemic exacerbate existing issues within your business, or did you continue to adapt and thrive? We can help you identify which of your business processes worked well during the pandemic, and how you could apply these findings to other processes that did not perform as well.

Duration: 1 day*

*Whilst these timings may vary, our team can ensure our services are flexible to your business’ needs and timescales.

Benefits of the Programme

Receive valuable insights to inform your return-to-work plans

Customise our services to your objectives and budget

Open to businesses of all industries and sizes

About Ellenbrooke

Our consultants have been helping businesses achieve and maintain certifications to ISO standards for over 30 years. We also work with businesses to design and deliver bespoke programmes to coach and train employees.

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