Information Security

What is it?

Smaller businesses in the supply chain need to meet high standards of information security.  However, to win new business they may find demonstrating this more challenging for them than a larger business would. Yet without adequate information security in place, the potential for data loss and associated dangers could be very high.

Meanwhile, certain information security standards such as ISO 27001 Information Security Standard might not be appropriate for the size and scope of a smaller business.

The IASME Cyber Assured is an Information Assurance standard developed specifically for SMEs.

The standard allows SMEs working within supply chains to demonstrate their level of information security controls, and indicates that they are taking the necessary steps to properly protect their stakeholders’ information.

The standard incorporates GDPR questions, providing you with reassurance that you are taking appropriate measures in relation to recently-introduced regulations. IASME Governance is a robust and widely recognised standard of best-practice and provides a good alternative to ISO 27001.

The assessment and certification is available as either:

  • a verified self-assessment – to achieve the IASME standard
  • a verified self-assessment plus an on-site audit – to achieve the IASME Gold standard.

Contact us for a copy of the self-assessment questionnaire.